Kim joined our team in May 2023. Kim shares her home with her partner Codey and her son Trenton. Kim's animal companions include 2 dogs Gus and Drake and 3 cats Ingrid, Jinx and Boots. In the hospital Kim enjoys running lab work, assisting in surgery and is in veterinary technician school.  Kim's hobbies include hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Renae, VA

Roz joined our team in August 2021.  She has been working in the veterinary field for about 18 years. 

She shares her home with her husband, Chris, daughters, Maddie and Caroline, Dog Axl and cat Octavia. Roz enjoys gardening and outdoor activities in her free time.

Kim, VA

Nicole, VA

Renae joined our team in February 2023. Renae shares her home with her husband John, her daughter Mackenzie, and her son Cody. Renae's animal companions include 3 dogs Dolly, Nash and Noel, 2 cats Indiana and Lily and 2 horses Storm and Raindance. Renae enjoys assisting with patient care and lab work in the hospital. Renae's hobbies include Horseback riding, kayaking, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Nicole joined our team in August 2021. 

Nicole shares her home with her partner Kyle, 2 dogs Rune and Cora, 2 cats Ashe and Katara, and 2 Geckos. Nicole enjoys assisting in diagnostic tests and surgery within the hospital. Nicole is in Veterinary Technician School. Outside of the hospital, Nicole enjoys camping, hiking, traveling and reading.

Roz, VA

Vera has been a part of our team in February of 2015.  Rescued from Dr. Will's barn, she has brought a lot of spunk to greeting the clients.  There is never a dull moment when she is around.

Her hobbies include lounging in various places, playing with toys, and eating.

Vera, PR

Jennifer, LVT

Jennifer has been with our team since 2006 when she graduated from Medaille College with an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology and acquired her state license.
Jennifer shares her home with her daughter Kaylee, and their Goldendoodle Tucker.
Her professional interests are veterinary dentistry and surgical nursing.  Outside of the hospital, Jennifer's hobbies include reading and outdoor activities with her daughter.


Meet Our Team

Mathew T. Will, DVM

About Us

Dr. Mathew T. Will is a 1991 graduate of Purdue University. He was raised in South Alabama, New York just a few miles from Alden. He shares his Darien home with his wife Renne', son Samuel, goldendoodle Cinnamon, and 2 cats Hilton and Lilac. 

Dr. Will's professional interests include preventative medicine, surgery and infectious disease prevention.  His hobbies include remodeling, camping, and other outdoor activities.


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