Every year, dogs are injured or killed in hot cars across the globe when their guardians make the mistakes of leaving them in hot parked cars while they run a quick errand or two.  Leaving your dog for "just a minute", can be fatal for them.  Temperatures inside parked cars, even with the windows cracked, can soar over 150 degrees in just as little as 10 minutes.  Country Village Pet Care Hospital did their own car temperature experiment. 

On July 6th, the temperature at 4:30pm was 84 degrees outside.

The thermometer temperature matched the thermostat temperature at 72 degrees

Summer is a time full of backyard BBQ's, outdoor adventures, block parties, and of course HOT temperatures!  Though it is a time for fun in the sun, let's not forget that it may not be fun for everyone.  Our furry friends don't do well with the warm temperatures and high humidity that summer usually brings, so be aware of heat exhaustion in your pet to keep them safe this season!

At Country Village Pet Care Hospital we feel that education is key to keeping your pet healthy!

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After bringing the thermometer inside for a short period of time and opening all of the car windows, the thermometer was again placed in the car with all of the windows completely opened.  The thermometer reached 97 degrees in just 10 minutes.

Country Village Pet Care Hospital

The car windows were then closed for 30 minutes and the thermometer left inside in the shade.  The temperature reached 110 degrees!

The thermometer was placed in a vehicle
with the windows closed for 10 minutes. 
The temperature immediately soared to 102 degrees.